I am in my sixth year of the Work and Organizations PhD program at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and I am excited to be joining the faculty at the University of Toronto's Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources in the summer of 2021.


 I use qualitative field methods to study the changing nature of work, institutions, and technology. Across several projects, I have analyzed situations in which frontline workers must respond to the ways that new technologies disrupt power relations, shift existing sources of expertise, and give rise to new ways of working and learning. My dissertation is an ethnographic investigation of the ways that the long-term involvement of a third-party technology vendor changes the power relations between managers and frontline workers during the development and use of a flexible smart manufacturing technology. 

My research on training and skill development, as well as on new technologies in the workplace, has been supported by the Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative at MIT Sloan and is featured in an MIT Open Learning report on workforce education. I have also worked with the COVID-19 Policy Alliance to support workforce efforts in Massachusetts long-term care facilities.


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Peer-reviewed Publications

Myers, J.E. & Kellogg, K.C. (2020). State Actor Orchestration for Achieving Workforce Development at Scale: Evidence From Four U.S. States. ILR Review. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1177/0019793920942767

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Kellogg, K.C., Myers, J.E., Gainer, L, & Singer, S.J. (2020). Moving Violations: Trainee Status Mobility Up an Illegitimate Hierarchy for the Situated Learning of New Techniques When Traditional Expertise Erodes. Organization Science. Advance online publication. https://pubsonline.informs.org/doi/full/10.1287/orsc.2020.1374

Working Papers

Myers, J.E. Voice by Design: Direct Versus Indirect Vendor Channels and the Scaling of Worker Voice Around Smart Manufacturing Technologies (Revise and resubmit at Organization Science)

Myers, J.E. Whose Interest Is It? Worker Value Selling for the Representation of Low-powered Stakeholders During Technology Development (Revising manuscript)

Myers, J.E. Tech Training Ecologies: Vendor and User Co-Production of New Knowledge Surrounding Cloud-based Technologies (Revising manuscript)

Myers, J.E., Kellogg, K.C., & Fernandez, C. Incumbent Adaptation Practices for the Implementation of Hybrid

Training for Nursing Assistants During the COVID-19 Crisis (Revising manuscript)


Myers, J.E. Cultivating Communities: When and Why Employers Engage in Workforce Development Programs (Revising manuscript)


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PhD in Organization Studies, MIT Sloan School of Management (anticipated 2021)

Master of Science in Management Research, MIT Sloan School of Management

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bachelor of Science in Business Process Management, College of Business

Minor in Chemistry


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Managing Sustainable Businesses for People and Profits

Teaching assistant for Professor Thomas A. Kochan and Barbara Dyer

MIT Sloan MBA Program


Leading Organizations

Teaching assistant for Professor John Van Maanen

MIT Sloan Fellows Program


Chemistry, Physics

High school teacher​

Teach for America - Memphis


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LERA Competitive Paper (Voice by Design)

2016, 2017

Rafel Lucea Doctoral Award for Sustainability and Social Impact Research