Myers, J.E. & Vinton, J. (2020). “IR: What is past, passing, and yet to come.” Review of A Field in Flux: Sixty Years of Industrial Relations, by Robert McKersie. LERA: Perspectives on Work, Vol. 24, pg. 104-105.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Myers, J.E. & Kellogg, K.C. (2022). State Actor Orchestration for Achieving Workforce Development at Scale: Evidence From Four U.S. States. ILR Review, (75)1.

Kellogg, K. C., Myers, J. E., Gainer, L., & Singer, S. J. (2021). Moving Violations: Pairing an Illegitimate Learning Hierarchy with Trainee Status Mobility for Acquiring New Skills When Traditional Expertise Erodes. Organization Science, 32(1), 181-209.

Other Publications 

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Working Papers

Myers, J. E. Unexpected Allies: How Third-party Mediated Voice Channels Facilitate Worker Voice Under Workplace Monitoring Systems (Under second review)


Myers, J.E. When Big Brother is Benevolent: How Technology Developers Navigate Power Dynamics Among Users in Pursuit of Worker Empowerment (Under review)

Myers, J.E. Not all Opportunities are Created Equal: A Boundary Relations Perspective on Occupations' Access to Learning Opportunities (Preparing manuscript for submission)

Myers, J.E. & Kellogg, K.C. Sequential Ambidexterity for the Integration of New HR Practices Into Existing Operations: The Case of Online Training in Long-term Care Facilities (Revising manuscript)


Myers, J. E. Cultivating Communities: When and Why Employers Engage in Workforce Development Programs (Revising manuscript)